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Retail Services 

'Don't Let them walk out with your profits'
For the cost of providing security by the hour, half day or day,  the prevention of one theft is often enough to justify the expense.
'The measure of
efficiency is the absence of incident'

- Overt or Covert Retail Loss Prevention (Store Detective)
- Complement to any existing security if necessary 

- Defensive & Proactive Door Supervision 

- Static Guard
- CCTV Operator
- Prevention and Detection problem solving (Problem Orientated Security using the established POPS process)
- Short term cover (Relief) for existing staff (Illness/Holiday etc), Temporary requirements, Zero hours, seasonal demands or additional resilience required etc
- Professional Witness (30 years of Police investigation experience, dealing with complex real time fast moving incidents & providing Evidence in Crown, Magistrates, County & Coroners Courts over a 30 year period) 
- Ideal for small retail outlets (inc independents) who do not seek permanent Security Guarding or loss prevention staff, but have identified key risks and problems.
Working to suit budgets.

- Mentoring of staff, tutoring and Loss Prevention awareness presentations.
- I also become that additional Emergency First Aider in the workplace.
Failure to tackle Retail Crime , poor security counter measures ... and even a Risk Averse approach will make your premises an attarctive target, and increase the risk of harm for staff and customers.


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