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Small Functions/Events (inc Licensed Events)

Ideal for Private Licensed or Domestic Functions, parties & Events.
e.g. House parties, Celebration events, Weddings, Funerals, Community meetings etc.

- Active Door Supervision
- Active Venue patrolling to manage events smooth running
- Promote Safe environment for Staff & Patrons
- Physical Intervention as necessary with proven Conflict Management skills
- A discrete blended presence where necessary
- Satisfies Licensing, Health & Safety and possibly Insurance requirements.

A previous Police Licensing Officer overseeing Licensed premises, breaches of licensing regulations and historically working in partnership with many venues directly or via Pub Watch and similar schemes.

As a former Police Officer, considered an expert on drunkeness from an evidential perspective. 
Services have proved very popular and effective with Licensed venues providing Wedding Events, Special Occasions  and other private and bespoke functions. Albeit present as security, the range of functions available for and undertaken with regard to the safety of the event & patrons, is better termed as 'Event Support' 


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