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I am a Self Employed Funeral Worker/Undertaker

I have been working alongside select local Funeral Directors since 2017.
My experience and availability includes:
- Collection of the Deceased (Office Hours and Out of Hours) and receiving into care
- Driving duties - Private Ambulance, Limousine and Hearse driving - Previous Police Standard qualified driver (Inc Pursuit & Response) with full clean driving licence. 
- Variety of Mortuary functions including care of deceased, coffin preparation, and a variety related functions.
- Ceremonial functions for local Crematoriums and Cemeteries re Bearing (Burial/Cremation) & support/usher duties.
- Burial/Cremation aranging with Family. 
- Preparing, conducting and overseeing viewings by Family/Friends
- A specialist in Burials at Sea regarding preperation of deceased, and construction of Sea Burial Coffins to current regulations.
- Funeral Director duties
- Ceremonial Assistant
- Limited Celebrant duties

- Funeral Security offering a discrete service as an SIA L2 DS which has previously included having to take a lead role in controlling disruptive mourners (Even when BCP Crematorium staff had been allocated for Marshalling and lost control).

I am self employed and therefore would be utilised only on an 'as and when' required, subject to availability.
I can double as a bearer/driver which ensures a discrete security presence if required.

Charges for services are in line with local standard Industry functional payments or as negotiated rates/fees.



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