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I am also available as a Funeral Worker/Assistant.

I have been working alongside select local Funeral Directors for over 4 years.
My experience and availability includes:
Collection of the Deceased (Out of Hours) or during work hours from Care Homes, Private Addresses and Local Authority/NHS Mortuaries.
Private Ambulance, Limousine and Hearse driving - Previous Police Standard Qualified driver (Inc Pursuit & Response) with full clean driving licence. 
Variety of Mortuary functions from Care of Deceased, coffin preparation, and a variety related functions.
Ceremonial functions for local Crematoriums and Cemeteries re Funeral Driving, Bearing (Burial/Cremation) and support/usher duties.
In addition I have assisted with administrative functions, liaising with the Coroners office and undertaking Funeral arrangements dealing & liaising with the family.

As an SIA  L2DS, I have also been utilised for discrete Security provision at Funeral occasions.
This has included having to take a lead role in controlling disruptive mourners even when Crematorium staff have been allocated for Marshalling.

I am self employed and therefore would be utilised only on an informal basis as and when required, subject to availability.
Depending on a requirement I can attend the Funeral Home and work direct from there, or attend direct to the Ceremonial Venue or other directed locations.

My flexibility and use for a wide range of related functions has allowed Funeral occasion multi tasking especially where other staff availability has become 'tight' that has proven advantageous in many situations. Plus having an SIA Security operative available, whilst assisting with driving, bearing and usher duties with no additional fee if otherwise detailed makes it a cost effective use of staff.

Charges for services are in line with standard Industry functional payments or negotiated rates/fees.



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