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Offensive & Defensive Guarding, Patrol or other Bespoke/Tailored Commercial Security
ith 30 years experience in offensive & defensive security of large Conference Venues, Hotels, Entertainment establishments, Open Space Security, etc. In addition to Critical incident response & management as a Police Inspector  that included scenes of serious crime, suspects, dwellings, vehicles, area searching and many other related aspects etc
(Previously Licensed by the Home office as a POLSA  for 6 years focused on Counter Terrorism, running Search Teams, Search Dogs, providing training packages, advisor to Senior Investigating officers and  employing other covert specialist search & secure services)

My services are approapriate for:
- Security responsibilites with respect to Commercial properties re Vulnerable Points, Health & Safety, Fire Regulations, Access/Egress control, Vicinity Patrols, Car Park monitoring etc.
I have many years experience in responding to alarm activations and dealing with Burglaries/Thefts in progress at Commercial sites. This has included previously locating and detaining Burglars and other offenders, some violent and threatening.
- Premises security where premises found insecure, repossessed or otherwise deemed vulnerable until re-secured (Ideal for Letting Agents, Housing Associations, Private Landlords, Security installation firms, building repairers and other owner/occupiers or agents responsible for vulnerable premises.
- Ideal for Construction Sites, Building developments where site security measures not completed, high valuable materials not yet secured, high value trade tools and machines potentially vulnerable etc. And active overt patrol/guarding tactically aware to counter  organised and opportunist site thefts

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